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Online Auction ready to be shipped upon closing

You are invited to come and shop through our silent auction at our events or through this retail outlet.

Online auction is reviewed at the end of each day.  The highest bid price will be emailed to all bidders for final consideration.  At the end of second day, the highest bidder will receive the item and other will receive their total money donated back from paypal.

Any donation more than item price will receive in-kind receipt for the difference.  sold Item will be marked sold.  You can call to inquire for back order

Mary-Jay offers several payment options for purchasing goods or making donations. You may click on the "Donate" button to contribute through pay pal or call 800-399-9681 to pay over the phone or with check.




baskets Dancer
Original Painting

African Cultural Dancer

baskets Baskets
Crafted calabash from Senigal Africa $56.00
baskets Mother & Child
Original  Painting

African twins mother

baskets Red Hat
Original  Painting

Yoruba Red and gold embroidery with sparkling beads hat

baskets Brown Hat
Yoruba brown and multi colors embroidery hat $25.50
baskets Braider
Original  Painting

Braiding for each other in friendship .

baskets Blue Ankara
Beautiful 6 yards Ankara fabric from Africa $65.00
baskets Drummers
Original  Painting

Ceremony drummers

baskets Couple
Original  Painting

Couple conversing in their  home

baskets Conversation
Original  Painting

Dressed up couple having a quiet conversation

baskets King Beads
Kings and chief beads $30.00
baskets Tie-Dye Fab
5 yards Tie-dye fabric $49.00
baskets Black Hat
Yoruba black and pink embroidery with sparkling beads hat $25.55